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Principal Financial partners with pc Central to deliver Hiring & Retention Lunch & Learn – March 30 – 11:30a-1:00P

There are some amazing people at Principal Financial. More specifically,  we have 2 of them in our backyard.  Brent Williams and Kendall Kruger are movers and shakers who are connecting business owners with solutions.  I was having coffee with Kendall one day and he says, “Did you know that Principal does business valuations for business owners at no cost?”After I picked my jaw up off the ground we continued our conversation and the result is this power packed Lunch and Learn:

How to Hire & Keep the Best! – Top Strategies for Winning the Talent Wars

During this chat, we’re going to eat VERY well plus I will unpack the top 5 strategies that you will want to deploy immediately to start attracting the talent you need like a magnet.  With so many people in the market, companies tend to think it will be easyprincipal financial business owner and executive solutions to find someone to fill an open position.  If you’ve received 300 applicants for one mid-level position OR have gotten ZERO applicants for your specialized position – welcome to club FRUSTRATION.

It’s time to separate from the pack and create a talent flow that meets your needs today while building a pipeline for the future. And, once you get those amazing people in your organization, we’re going to hear some great strategies on how to keep them, keep them happy, and give your business the edge it needs to succeed.  The Principal team is going to pull out some tools from their Business Owner & Executive Solutions bag as well to round out your hiring and retention plan.
This is great stuff and we’d love to buy you lunch and help you start Q2 of 2012 off on the right foot.  Join us!
Kendall Kruger and Brent Williams work with a team of specialists to help business owners identify issues that affect the financial future of their businesses.
Kendall and Brent also work individually with owners and their employees to help them proactively plan for issues such as retirement, investments, risk analysis, college education funding, and other life events.

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