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Recruiting in this Tight Labor Market

Does that headline make you scratch your head and say “tight labor market…what’s Doug smoking?”  Do you have amazing future employees falling over themselves to work for you?  Do you have inbound inquiries daily about open jobs?  Probably not.

The market is tight because people are:

  1. Scared to move.
  2. Relying on less frequent personal recommendations/referrals before applying.
  3. Convinced (correctly so) that applying online is an abyss which leads to a black hole which sucks souls.
  4. Wanting to be on their own, independent, and in charge of their own destinies vs. subject to the next down sizing or cost cutting measure.

Our AWAKE! Series even in February will address this exact issue.   Knowing the market is “tight” you have to be a better recruiter and developer of talent.  You need to be known as a place where culture matters and there’s no room for adolescents.

How is your recruiting effort right now?

Are you waiting for someone to quit (again) before you start building your bench?


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