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Selling to Small Businesses Explained

John Jantsch over at Duct Tape Marketing shared his 5 Things you must do to sell to a small business in October and I just picked it up in his “most popular articles of the year” post. (Don’t ever deny the power of repurposing content!)  I’ll let you dissect the article but I’d recommend that if you are in the small business product or service world that you handwrite these Top 5 ways down and review them prior to every meeting.  I wrote each one down and wrote out how my product fits in the small business mind.  Here are my interpretations of the list and how PC Central plays in them but be clear, the idea for this  amazing list is John’s and I’m borrowing/modifying it for illustration.  He’s a great marketer and leader.

      1. Small business has a compressed planning curve – In our world, it’s rare to find a small business owner who wants to move to virtual computing because of long-term disaster planning or because it’s the right move strategically.  More likely, the owner has reached a pain threshold because the mail server went down just before her vacation and 2 PC’s got dripped on when a pipe burst above her office suite.
      1. SMB’s buy value over price if you help them – Selling on price is a race toward commoditization.  Don’t go there.  Educate.  PCC delivers extreme value and eliminates barriers for SMB’s.  We feel like Amazon’s model of constantly delivering more value will keep our clients focused on their business and not the I.T. Zombies.
      1. After sale is more important than the sale – Don’t be in a huge rush to make the deal and then hope for the best.  What happens the day we “go live” is what matters.  What happens on day 3, 7, 21, and 1034 are just as important if not more so.
      1. SMB’s are loyal – You don’t want to switch providers, leave, change, or go through whatever hassle switching entails.  Don’t fall under the paradox of excellence, we need to demonstrate why we’re awesome so you’ll refer people to us constantly.
      1. Education = more sales – Simple.  Deepen the relationship and expand the offering.  By offering 100 informational seminars, workshops, and POWER SESSIONS every year, we’ll ensure that you’ll get what you need to know to be more successful every day.  You’ll like us even more and refer more business our way.  That’s how we roll.
Would you add to this list? We hope you’ll join us and defeat the zombies at the door.
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