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Small Businesses Get Your Heads in the Clouds

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Pay as you go is the battle cry in this TechRepublic piece.  I say absolutely correct.  Hosted or cloud computing provides key advantages like:

  1. portability
  2. mobility
  3. low risk
  4. low or ZERO upfront investment
  5. virtually limitless scalability / growth
  6. low or no hardware needs
  7. low or no support needs

But what are the downsides?  The article summarizes it best:The cares that must be taken when hiring cloud services are the same that would need to be taken with any regular IT provider: make sure you need what you are buying, that you are getting a good price, and that your expectations match the service level offered. Information about different providers is only a Google search away, so do some research. In terms of costs vs. benefits, however, there is no other way to go.

There’s no substitute for good due diligence.

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