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Solstead Director Tim McCoy Shares – Solution Health

A Note From Doug

The Scale Faster team tries to bring you a variety of important topics which affect your life.  Remember that all of this I.T. stuff won’t make one lick of difference if you’re laying in bed with disease or so ravaged with stress that you’re disengaged from your family.  I frequently hear stories from friend and colleagues who refocus on their health  AFTER they nearly die or lose a loved one. Be present.  Embrace true wellness.

Solution Health by Tim McCoy

“Today’s healthcare system is a terminal illness for America’s governments and businesses.  We are in big trouble.”

The Innovators Prescription by Clayton M. Christensen

 “The disease driven approach to care has resulted in spiraling costs as well as a fragmented health system that is reactive, episodic, inefficient and impersonal.  The answer is an integrative approach that places the patient at the center, addressing not just symptoms, but the real cause of illness.  It is care that is preventative, predictive and personalized.”

Ralph Snyderman MD, Chancellor Emeritus, Duke University

These are two of the leading experts on the current state of the “healthcare system” in the United States.  Diminishing outcomes, ranking thirty-seventh in quality of care, and unsustainable costs garden pathwaysignal the beginning of the end.  Is the answer as simple as a shift in the way we see the world, the way reality really is.  Three hundred years of a mechanical world and man as machine is now on life support.

The universe is organized around relationship.  No longer I-It, but I-Thou.  Energy, spirit, consciousness, physicality infused with spirit, undetermined and full of possibility.  Science has proven the current worldview and the health system built on it is missing the components that will save it just in the nick of time.

What does this all mean?  It means the nutritionist, the therapist; the spiritual director is every bit as important as the doctor who examines the body.  Mind, body and spirit, a holistic view of mankind reflects reality. Looking at the whole allows us to get at the cause of illness and not simply treat its symptoms.

Health, lifestyle education, lower costs, prevention, and personal, a totally new way to look at the system and a creation of a new system reflecting reality is our exciting future.  So what does such a system look like?  It looks like a round table with the patient the first person at the table empowered to make decisions about their care, confident in what they need relying upon the others at the table, the nutritionist, the nurse, the doctor, the therapist, the acupuncturist, the spiritual director and the exercise physiologist, all working together to help the patient understand health, get healthy and stay healthy.

Mindsets are changing, integrative medicine is growing, holistic health is being understood and science is supporting the shift.  Seventy-five percent of the chronic diseases we are faced with are curable and preventable by lifestyle changes.  People will understand they no longer have to be with disease and will demand insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals to change their models to health.  These entities are powerful and will not change easily.  Their highly successful business model is built upon people being and staying diseased.  It will be the patient, the consumer who will change this as a new and far superior model arises.

Written Tim McCoy

Tim McCoy is the Director of Solstead. Solstead is located 15 miles west of Iowa City – but worlds apart. Tim brings over thirty years experience of leading retreats, spiritual direction, leadership and organizational development, integrative health navigation and learning. His dream is to inspire and help people to participate in a cultural return to wholeness.  Tim will be giving a talk at Scale Faster in the coming months so please share this article and sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop for upcoming events.

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