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The Cost of Being a Great Brand

This post is written by Mike Wagner, CEO of White Rabbit Group.  Mike can be reached at


You don’t believe your business can be a strong brand. And that is a BIG strategic mistake based on outdated thinking.
Many business owners think they can’t grow a strong brand because the costs are prohibitive.
They think this because they are still working with a brand building model that went like this.

  • You start a business and offer a product, good or service.
  • You invest in creating brand identity pieces like logos and tag lines.
  • Then you spend large amounts of money on radio, TV and print to project your brand into the marketplace.
  • You do this until your brand becomes recognizable and famous crowding out your competition.

With that model in your mind you conclude, “we don’t have the cash it takes to build a strong brand.”

And that is your mistake.

Powerful brands in today’s marketplace are not about massive amounts of dollars being spent. Instead they are about wrapping an exceptional, “branded” customer experience around your product, good or service.  They are about creating organizations that routinely deliver remarkable and relevant “moments of truth” in every client interaction.

And for that reason they are more than affordable!

Want to know what the real cost is to build a strong brand?

It is the time and energy you and your colleagues must invest in shaping your organization into a company centered on delivering extraordinary brand experience to every customer every day.

And that is THE price every business MUST pay to be a great brand!

Bottom-line: Are you ready to be a great brand?

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