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The Declaration of I.T. Independence

declaration of independenceWe encounter folks across the board on what we call “the cloud continuum.”  There’s a spectrum we see from “I use drop box” to “I’m completely virtual.”

Some people use the cloud for only storage and backup.

Some use the cloud for email and open source / free apps (Google)

Some use Office 365 to get a more “corporate” experience and keep the same user interface they’ve had forever.

Some use ALL hosted apps in the cloud to manage their businesses and their lives.

And…some have a 100% virtual infrastructure that combines the best of the public cloud with enterprise level private cloud along with affordable/easily replaceable local computing hardware so they can get all of their client-server apps, data, and hardware “cloudified” so they never have to worry about I.T. again.

Where do you stand on the continuum?

It’s now effectively more expensive to diagnose and repair hardware than it is to replace it.  Don’t be a hostage.  Declare freedom.


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