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The Downside of Awesome & What To Do About It

I read a book quite a few years ago called, “The Paradox of Excellence.”  Let me summarize:  When you get good what what you do and generally perform well – people will give your poor marks for performance on surveys and won’t tell people about you.  I always talk about the electric company.  If they do their job, they disappear in your mind.  But ONE incident for even say 15 minutes of no juice 2x per year…and they’re AWFUL!  They do an amazing job but we come to understand this as “what’s expected” no matter how great they are.  How about FEDEX. They can get a package from Tokyo to LA overnight.  But when it absolutely positively didn’t get there until 12PM when it was expected at 8AM, Fedex is crap!  Nevermind the other 342 packages they did on time this year.

We are certainly not perfect at pc Central.  Our goal is to improve every day.  But if we do our jobs, we aren’t much different than a utility.  That’s why we’re constantly trying to deliver MORE value through informative events.  We keep trying to expose our customer base and our partners customers to the kind of actionable information that helps them make better decisions and work on their businesses…not just in them.

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