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The Mobile Phone Synchronization Conundrum

I thought I’d share something that is quite challenging for us at pcC.  Cell phones.  Here’s a non-technical look at why the latest and greatest smartphones can give us fits.  We’re working toward better advanced notice and the ability to play around with these phones as they’re launched but here’s the idea.

A droid is not a droid is not a droid – Google Android, the operating system that drives so many phones is different for each carrier, and many times for each phone model.  Developers are allowed to tweak the OS and make changes on their own. After all, this software is an “open” platform.  So a Droid RAZR Max might have a very different look /feel than the HTC Touch.

Additionally, the same phone at two different carriers, say Sprint and Verizon, will actually have different options as well.  The carrier “wraps a layer of their own customization” around the operating system in many cases.

On the other hand (now Chris Johnson in our office is shrugging and rolling his eyes at me), Apple iPhone which runs iOS, is one flavor ONLY.  It seems the walled garden approach that Apple has, i.e. we know best so don’t let them change anything, provides a level of stability and predictability that really helps companies like ours.  We know exactly what the screens are going to look like and what options are available.  Once again, Apple maks life easier.

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  1. Yeah, my eyes were rolling, but I am the one who made the new iPads sync to pcCentral exchange. ;^P
    And I will readily admit that I LOVE my new iPad. For those who wonder, pcCentral sessions work really well on new iPad and the 2X app (free in the app store). Big enough to be functional, small enough to be highly mobile.

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