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Top 5 Reasons why Virtual Windows Desktop Better Than Parallels for Mac

I had a great lunch today with Iowa Mortgage guru, nice guy, and current PC Central customer Tyler Osby.  I shared some ideas about markets that could really use what we do and he brought up something I’d never considered – Mac users who need Windows to run business applications.  Virtual desktop is a great replacement for any kind of installed software requiring updates and configuration.
I use our virtual desktop product on my iMac and took about 2 minutes to go live.  This is distinctly a non-technical look so if you have a particular passion about why I’m wrong here, please keep it pleasant.  Without further delay here are the top 5 reasons:

    1. You can use the virtual desktop anywhere anytime.  Tyler goes “into session” on his imac and his ipad.  He’s even done it on his phone. He explained to me how he’s excited because he can do work in Hawaii on vacation which is scary!  Home office, Official office, or coffee shop…you just need to download the remote desktop client for Mac or buy a cheap app for the iPad and you’re connected.
    1. There’s no bulky software to install or licenses to buy.  I said, “but you can just run Windows 7 on Parallels right?” to which Tyler’s eyes crossed and he explained how painful the idea of purchasing, running, and installing heavy software would be. I concur.
    1. In the business world some things just require Internet Explorer.  Sorry to say but true.  We talked a little about .net framework and a couple other technical things but at that point we both got bored and changed topics.
    1. He can run his loan origination software in the virtual environment.  We can put most things you do and pieces of software you use into this environment so you’re backed up and secure and can do your job anywhere.
    1. I.T. just works with no updates, patches, fixes, viruses or malware.  This is that comfy metaphysical side of virtualization.  When you realize that your I.T. infrastructure “just works” and there’s no hiccups, you gain not only in reduced TCO but the mental satisfaction that keeps you making magic.


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