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Transform your I.T. Hairball into a smooth running Utility with the Cloud – February 17 – 11AM CST

This session is 20 minutes of focused content for Owners and CEO’s with unlimited QA following the content. You have better things to do than to get deep into what “the cloud” or “virtualization” means. Get focused information that will let you decide to take next steps or wait until another decision trigger forces the issue.  PC Central has delivered small business (1-50 users) virtual desktop solutions since 2004.   Our approach is to keep things simple and become invisible.  That’s right.  If we do our job, we become a utility and you sleep better at night knowing you’ve exorcised that brain eating I.T. Zombie from you life.
Click here to join us on February 17 at 11AM Central Time 
If you’d like to go deeper once we’ve gotten some actionable information out there, we’re here for you.

We’ll cover:

      • Common cloud computing misconceptions
      • The Total Cost of Ownership conundrum
      • Trade-offs the cloud presents
      • The different options in the market to choose from

This isn’t a pitch disguised as a webinar. Our value proposition is strong, simple, and obvious so you just need to know that PC Central promises to make you smarter, free you to succeed, and provide solutions that just work – all for $65/month per user with no set up fees, no extras, and no contract. There…considered it pitched.
Please sign up by clicking this link and confirm your participation in the webinar. We are limited to 50 participants in this session so take action now.

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