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Undiscovered Benefits of the Cloud

thin - clientWhen I took on the role of leading this company, I knew about “the cloud” and the power of what removing I.T. from a business’s “sucky things to do” list meant. What I hadn’t considered are some ancillary benefits and savings.


By choosing to use thin clients to replace aging PC’s or laptops in an office environment, you can reduce power consumption substantially.  I’m not an engineer so I will let the thin client folks duke out how much is saved…but it’s very real per device.  You won’t be powering a spinning hard disk and a big motherboard, etc.


Thin clients throw off far less heat than do PC’s.  I suppose in the winter you might see some heating savings by having an old workhorse PC…but in most climate zones, I think you’ll save with a more “temperature neutral” device.

Downtime with Viruses & Malware

Thin clients are pretty much locked down.  You can only “login to a session” or a “remote desktop” so your team can’t install software or go places they shouldn’t – even if their intentions are 100% positive.

Productivity & Security

Same reasons as above.  The device is a “session only” type arrangement so there’s no room for “surfing around” outside of the environment determined by you the owner or your I.T. staff/policies.  If you leverage temps or contractors, you can provide them ONLY access to what they need to work and exclude all else by permissions given with their logins.  Simple.

If you’re contemplating a move to a total work environment cloud solution, don’t forget to include these benefits into your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) calculations.  They’re real and they matter.

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