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Unlimited Vacation is Code for Adult Culture

I’m proud to say that PC Central has no vacation policy.  Take what you need.  Be smart.  Plan ahead.  That’s all I ask.  We also work virtually a majority of the time.  Especially on days like today when the mercury (ok digital weather station) reads 9 degrees, the wind is howling at 40MPH, and snow is drifting across the road in blinding bursts…I know that our team productivity will be NO different than if it were 72 and sunny.  In fact, I’d say that we’ll have a hyper-productive day.

In a culture of adults, working at home or staying in because of weather doesn’t mean naps, laundry, and an early start to the weekend.  It means that I’m on cup number 2 of Starbucks Italian roast brewed at home, my inbox is at zero, I’m almost done with this post that I believe will help attract smart people to work for us, and it’s 5:06AM.  Read this piece in Forbes titled “Give Your Employees Unlimited Vacation Days”  and see what you disagree with.  Here’s the opening statement:

Throw your preconceived notions about vacation out the window and give your employees the no-strings-attached, unlimited vacation days they deserve or you’ll soon be a dinosaur.

Oh my…

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