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We All Need to Become the Sticker on the Air Conditioner

Lately I find myself saying this a lot:

“We need to become the sticker on the air conditioner.”

You know what I mean.  Do you run your AC until it breaks?  You might have a biannual maintenance contract on your AC unit (filter change/check up/inspection).  But oftenac unit, you wait until it fails to either a) fix it or b) replace it.

In that case, you walk down to the basement or head into the attic and there it is, the sticker.  “Dial 1800-FIX-MY-AC and you call.  It may have been years since that company was there to service your equipment – but they got the call.  Talk about a long tail marketing tactic!

This relates exactly to the business of providing I.T Infrastructure, Cloud Computing Solutions, and Managed I.T. services.

Some percentage of owners replace their AC unit proactively as a strategic move to save electricity, ensure zero downtime, and enable far better cooling performance ultimately resulting in big money savings.

Some wait until there’s smoke coming from the machine or when they notice the temperature rising.  Maybe the unit is approaching its end of life or there’s been an uptick in maintenance costs, outages, etc. so you bite the bullet and call.

So when an owner isn’t ready to proactively replace their I.T. infrastructure or they’re waiting until their contract with their ho hum Managed Services provider is upwe all need to be the sticker on the air conditioner.

We have to do more than “stick” of course.  We have our event series, lunch and learns, open I.T. Q and A sessions, and free I.T. Wellness assessments.  But the big take away here is that we must have an affordable long term presence in the mind of our potential audience, so when it does hit the fan – we get the call.  By that time, we should have earned that call through added value (delivered preemptively over the months/years.) But that sticker, it sealed the deal.

What can you do that’s “sticky” and long-term?  If you’ve ever received our tall white gift box, you’ve seen version 1 of our “sticker.”

the scale faster sticker




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