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Wellness Goes Beyond Your Body

Our team often talks about wellness in the context of I.T.  Here’s the deal.  Wellness is taking care of a piece of hardware, or your body, or your mind proactively – investing in the “vessel” on an ongoing basis to stave off malady and illness.  I.T. wellness might mean always updating your operating system and programs to the lastest version, keeping your anti-virus software up to date, or proactively replacing harddrives that have reached their end of life.

Just remember as a business owner you have enough to worry about.  It’s hard enough keeping up on recruiting, HR, payroll, being a good leader, etc.  So when it comes to I.T., meditate a while and go visit your chiropractor.  Have some herbal tea.  Center your chi…and ask for a free I.T. Wellness audit.  An ounce of prevention as they say is worth a pound of cure.

  1. Doug, I love it! Start anywhere and go everywhere. From IT Well-Being to the well-being of the CEO or owner is perfect. When the owner needs help with his personal being have him call me.



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