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What Small Business Needs to Learn From Enterprise Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is hitting its stride in the enterprise.  Companies are realizing that it’s not desirable to own the entire I.T. food chain where there are great companies making this easier and cheaper every day.  In the small business world, things are even easier and rapidly deployable because needs are typically more straightforward.  Here’s the money quote from Greg Shields, partner and principal technologist with Concentrated Technology,

…companies and their IT leaders recognize that the best and most cost-effective solutions are those that may have been built and tested elsewhere. “You don’t grow your own food. You don’t raise your own cows anymore for meat. You go to the grocery store because somebody’s figured out that I can create this experience that is the grocery store, and I can do it at a lower cost, both in time and in dollar cost.”

As a company with under 50 seats or users, you don’t need to worry about hiring highly technical staff or “cloud architecture.”  You need to know that your I.T. needs are nil and that you’ve gained a measure of freedom in you business and your life.  Stop growing your own I.T.

Cloud computing in the small business world is about freedom for the owner(s) and roadblock removal for your staff.  I know someone personally who is using a small app on his ipad to work in Hawaii right now.  Maybe you think he’s crazy to be working while on vacation in Hawaii! But I’d challenge you by asking, “If you could stay an extra week or more because you could get the basics done with your full Windows desktop you use every day at your fingertips from any device (iPad, any pad, phone, laptop, etc.), would you do it?”

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