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When Your Garden Is Dying

As more people move their companies and lives into the cloud, the more available their apps and data are anywhere, any time, on any device.  Being anchored to a desktop PC is just no longer in the cards anymore it seems for an increasingly large number of people.  It makes perfect sense.  You get the same (or more) power with a mobile device, have stunning display resolution, have unlimited storage “out there”, and have limitless options for accessorizing.

This USA today article gives some great data on the shrinking realm of the PC.  The downward shift came sometime around the release of the iPad.

This quote sums it up for me:

I almost feel sorry for Microsoft,” said Adam Greenfield, managing director of Urbanscale and author of Everyware. “They tried with Windows 8 — it’s not entirely ignorant, but it’s way too late.”

It seems that no matter what Microsoft (the ultimate expression of licensing software to the masses via the desktop computer) does, they are snubbed.  Their tablets, phones, and operating systems are all falling flat.

Somewhere along the line, people decided that a walled garden is awesome if the design is so excellent that it’s worth committing (Apple). Or, they decided that open platforms with tons of apps and vast amounts of devices from multiple manufacturers was the way to go.  Microsoft it seems is tending a dying garden.  Granted, the crops their garden produces yield Billions of dollars but what must they be saying to themselves at meetings?

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