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Where Do You Fall on the Referral Continuum?

Awake Series Connecting CrowdHow many times per week do you hear – “We sell through relationships and referrals?” I do – from just about everyone and every organization. Now, when did you get your last referral? The disconnect comes most often because sales folks and business owners aren’t coming from a place of abundance. It’s easy to fall into the trap of, “I have someone’s attention – sell like crazy!”

We’re doing something about this disconnect by trying to put some language around what people think is networking and referring – and true connecting. The details will emerge soon but think about someone in your network right now. Now, try and match that person with a resource which would make them better, stronger, faster, more focused in their business.

Does someone need help just getting some stupid alert message off their PC for good? Does your friend the business owner have a stack of invoices on her desk that need input into the accounting system? Do you know someone who has always wanted to start doing video for their business but believes it’s going to be expensive and time consuming?

Stop – think – connect. See how good you feel by making a personal introduction. Maybe go so far as to set up the meeting and attend the connection meeting where a new relationship blossoms.

Want to have that meeting here? Good coffee, white boards, and positive energy abound. It’s on us.

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