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Why a Cloud Retail Store in Des Moines?

Why a cloud retail store?  We have found that when we talk with even the most tech savvy and knowledgeable business owner about “the cloud”, he has some strong definitions or “filters” in mind.  We usually need between 10-45 minutes to break down those filters and get to the true value equation of Scale Faster.  Too long you say?  Well in a nutshell, we deliver pain relief and psychological counseling for SMB owners.  More specifically, we replace all the network infrastructure (servers, fire walls, etc.) and ensure that if someone has an Internet connection – they’re good to go.

The most challenging hurdle we face is that we also the applications a business uses in the cloud.  This concept seems totally native with regard to someone’s iPhone or iPad.  Get a new iPad – just connect it to your account and boom your apps and data are present.  We do the same for MSFT Office, Act!,  Quickbooks…and 50 other custom applications that our customers use.  Their data AND their apps are always available.  And if something unforeseen happens at your facility, you’re up and running wherever there’s a device and an Internet connection.

We needed a retail space where we could demonstrate how easy life can be – AFTER we discover the true challenges the owner is facing:  mobility, security, disaster recovery, or just “I’m so done with I.T.’ery.”  By enabling future customers to see and touch the cloud – we believe we’re removing a layer of mysticism which keeps owners “foggy” and prevents action on freeing themselves to focus on what matters.

Welcome to the retail cloud at Scale Faster.

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