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Why Customer Experience Trumps Technology

A call came in yesterday to the office.  Someone had been referred by a customer of pcCentral as “the guys who can figure stuff out.”  This call was about a printer issue and not from a current customer.  Our head tech whiz Chris Johnson took the call.  Chris knew a couple of things:

    1. This was not a current customer.
    1. This is clearly an onsite hardware issue that would likely need a break/fix I.T. type company which we are not.
    1. This was probably something very simple and would likely take a couple days and at least $100 of the callers money to diagnose fix if she contacts a local company.

What did Chris do?  He had the caller join a remote session, diagnosed the problem, fixed the problem, and created tremendous goodwill and likely a future customer.  This action is worthy of celebration and I’m proud to write about events like this.
Customer Experience is what creates referrals.  Good technology helps keep us invisible.
Nice work Chris.

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  1. Thanks “Boss”…it’s how we roll.

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